Admins In this Server


B3-ID Admin Name Level Kills
@8366HypeFullAdmin [60]0
@8598Inspector-Admin [40]0
@8063#PRO#DEMON_RGAdmin [40]0
@6932#PRO#ShiNiGaMiModerator [20]9398
@3374Sh4DiaC<3Moderator [20]3078
@8781RaphaelModerator [20]0
@7323#PRO# rayModerator [20]0

If you see any of the above admins violating server/admin rules or any other misbehaviour, please report it to superadmin or server owner

#PKZ# Deathrun INDIA High Xp|Ghost Mode|Respect System|Member Menu|Vip|

  • Current map on server: mp_deathrun_godfather2
  • mp_deathrun_godfather2
  • 0%
    Server ip
  • Players 0/16
  • Location
  • Join Server: cod4

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